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Thank you for visiting Universal Casting!


You’ve come to the right place….your project deserves dedication, knowledge of the industry and state of the art technology. We offer years of casting experience and ingenuity not to mention a friendly, creative and motivational work environment.


Our location?
Well Miami Little River is one fabulous city! The hotels, the beaches, the restaurants and the amazing shopping speak for themselves. Clients have for years enjoyed and utilized the unique scenery and art deco architecture as backdrops for their projects and return time and again.


Our Technology?
State of the art cameras, studios and casting programs are what you’ll find. We not only gather the best talent in town but we also make them look good on film! Four studios allow us to see ample talent on any given day. A full kitchen, production space and private offices give us the lead when it comes to the “one stop shop”.


Come by and take a tour of our spacious facility we would love to have you! Our hospitality if just a small part of our charm!

6454 ne 4th ave miami Fl 33138   

   PHONE  305 674 1703 


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